IFCO SYSTEMS awarded as „Best Performer of the Circular Economy“ by CONFINDUSTRIA


Rome/Munich (ots) – The prestigious award confirms IFCO’s worldwide commitment to the concept of „Share and Reuse“ in order to reduce environmental impact and make the entire supply chain more sustainable

IFCO SYSTEMS, the leading global provider of reusable packaging solutions for fresh foods, has won the award as „Best Performer of the Circular Economy“ by CONFINDUSTRIA, the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy. The renowned award proves IFCO’s worldwide commitment to protecting the environment.

The award aims to enhance the value of companies committed to seizing the spirit and business opportunities offered by the circular economy throughout the complete production cycle – from procurement to design, production, distribution, and consumption, to recovery and recycling.

CONFINDUSTRIA has recognized the value of IFCO’s logistics management model, the IFCO SmartCycle(TM). This circular economy model is based on the principle of „Share and Reuse“ to guarantee maximum functionality and hygiene throughout the complete fresh foods supply chain. The IFCO SmartCycle(TM) uses Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) that are delivered directly to the supplier. From there, the containers are transported to the distribution center, the retailers, and then back to the IFCO collection and washing centers. In the washing centers, the empty RPCs are inspected, cleaned, disinfected and prepared for the next cycle. In addition, the IFCO RPCs are foldable, reducing bulk and thus optimizing transport and storage with an additional positive impact on the environment.

Please find the complete press release at http://ots.de/xEgPjE

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